Get Content to Grow Your Well-Being Business​

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We know y
ou love to help people. We love that about you.

And right now your work is more important than ever because the number of people who are dealing with mental and physical health challenges just continues to grow.

Do you want these people to keep struggling?

Of course not! That’s why now is the time to grow your well-being business, reach more people, and make a bigger impact. 

Grow Your Business. Make a Bigger Impact.
✓  Attract more website visitors
✓  Get more subscribers
✓  Provide more value
✓  Get more sales
✓  Earn more $
✓  Help more people improve their well-being
Get Content to Grow Your Well-Being Business​
1. Provide Great Science-Based Content

Creating great content takes a huge amount of time. But you can have your content written and planned out in the next 5 minutes!

Just use our science-based articles for your blogs, courses, websites, ebooks, trainings, and more.  These articles are written by experts in psychology and deliver actionable insights for your readers.

When you buy this kit, you can: 
✓ Publish content as is (or change it however you want).
 Change the colors, fonts, shapes, or images (using Microsoft word or editable templates in Canva).
 Add your brand & design to make it your own. 
 Give content “your voice” by adding your personal stories.
✓ Add links or ads to your other products, services, or coaching.
✓ Use content to make videos, podcasts, lead magnets, infographics, or courses.
✓ Or, use the content in other creative ways that grow your business.

You'll Get The Following Articles With Your Purchase

  What is Toxic Positivity? What distinguishes good positivity from bad positivity? (811 words)

  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Positive Emotions: Learn all about positive emotions here. (908 words)

  12 Ways to Undo Sad Feelings: How to reduce sadness to get your life back. (995 words)

  How to Let Go of The Past: Here we’ll talk about letting go so we can move on from relationships, people, and unhealthy emotions. (749 words)

  6 Ways to Calm Your Fight or Flight Response: Learn how fight or flight works in the body and how to stop your fight or flight response. (1040 words)

  9 Science-Based Emotion Regulation Skills: What skills can be used to regulate your emotions? (683 words)

  How to Deal With Shame: Learn about the science of shame to understand where it comes from and how to deal with it. (1116 words)

  7 Ways To Boost Eudaimonic Well-Being: Discover modern perspectives and tips to help you achieve a more fulfilling life. (637 words)

 How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence: Learn about emotional intelligence and how to develop this important skill. (517 words)

+11 More Articles!

Well-Being PLR Starter Kit

2. Make More $ From Your Email List
Writing emails for your subscribers is easier said than done. That’s why we created our Well-Being Email Scripts. Get 52 email scripts now (that’s a year of weekly emails!)

The email scripts include content and prompts that help you add personal touches to your emails.

reate useful, high-value, engaging email messages fast.
Just A Few Email Scripts You'll Get With Your Purchase

✓  3 actionable tips for boosting your well-being

✓  3 wellness myths that you need to know

✓  The most surprising way to boost your mood

✓  New well-being trick

✓  Two ways that resilience can improve your life

✓  This is how you conquer your fear of failure

✓  This 1-minute tip can slash your stress fast

✓  This is how you get positive emotions to stick

✓  Don’t learn this the hard way

✓  This one thing made a huge difference in my well-being

✓  I think you’re going to love this wellness tip

✓  This wellness tip is tough but totally worth it

And 40 more email scripts…

Well-Being PLR Starter Kit

3. Connect With Your Community on Social Media

Our science-based social media posts can attract people to your website, engage your audience, and keep your business top of mind.

You’ll get:
 A script with 50 posts
 Completely editable graphic designs of all 50 posts (in Canva)
​✓ Scientific references included for each post
​✓ Posts that have been reviewed by a Ph.D. level expert

When you use these science-based posts, you help your audience develop trust in your business.  As a result, they become more open to buying your offerings.

Here Are Some of the Posts You'll Get With Your Purchase

Well-Being PLR Starter Kit

4. Offer Your Community These Freebies To Join Your Mailing List

Turn More Website Visitors Into Subscribers. You can’t afford to lose the people that come to your website. That’s why we help you start collecting emails fast by giving you 5 well-being lead magnets.

A lead magnet is a free asset or special deal offered to customers in exchange for their contact details.

Download any of these 5 wellness-focused lead magnets (or edit them to match your brand and colors in Canva)!

Here Are The Lead Magnets You'll Get With Your Purchase

Well-Being PLR Starter Kit

Our PLR Starter Kit Is The Best Way To Grow Your Well-Being Business Fast!

Well-Being PLR Starter Kit

That’s less than $2 per piece of content!

Get The Toolkit Now and Get These Bonuses:

Bonus #1: A Brief Overview of Emotion  - Slide Deck

Share these insights with your community to help them learn new things that can help them improve their lives. 

Well-Being PLR Starter Kit

Bonus #2: Email Subject Headlines

Get More of Your Emails Opened. Do you write emails to your subscribers that don’t get opened? Or, do you need help writing the subject lines for these emails?

These 25 irresistible subject lines will entice your readers to open your emails, which helps them get to know you and your business better. 

You just can't get resources like this anywhere else!

With our PLR Starter Kit, you get immediate access to:
  20 science-based articles to publish on your website
  52 well-being email scripts
  50 social media posts
  5 lead magnets
  1 13-page slide deck
  25 email subject headlines

Save hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars while you grow your well-being business!

Well-Being PLR Starter Kit


I felt stuck on making my next step. When I saw the Toolkit, I didn’t hesitate to get it. It gives you the push needed to get into action engaging your audience and getting yourself out there. Dr. Tchiki has also been extremely helpful and responsive to my questions. I would strongly recommend investing in this toolkit. “
​- Tom 

You Can Make A Difference
You can help people boost their well-being. But it’s a hustle. If you don’t nail the “business part” of your business, it won’t last long enough to help all the people you really want to help.
  • You could spend 20+ hours per week on content.
  • You could hire someone to write content for thousands of dollars (we know because we used to charge $200/hr for content writing).
  • You could research well-being topics to make sure your articles are science-based.
  • And you could do all this and still end up with so-so content. 

Or you could get our starter kit and spend your valuable time with loved ones or doing the work you love.

With our starter kit, you can feel confident in your content, knowing it was created by Ph.D. level well-being experts, trained at prestigious universities like UC Berkeley.

Both your well-being and your customers’ well-being are at stake.

That’s why we give you tons of high-quality well-being tools for just a few dollars per piece. Seriously, where else can you get that?
Get the Content You Need to Grow Your Well-Being Business Exponentially!
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Well-Being PLR Starter Kit