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Are you building a coaching, consulting, or well-being business?

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If you’ve already started creating content, then you know just how much time it takes to create a single blog post, a single newsletter email, or a single course. 

It can take hours, days, weeks, months, or even years to create the content you need!

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Why Use Our PLR (Private Label Rights) Content?
Private Label Rights content is content that you can use but you don’t have to create. 

Just think of the grocery store. The store doesn’t make the food or the bags to carry food in. The store purchases these items to sell to customers and to make it easier for customers to buy stuff. 

PLR content is the same. You purchase content to sell to your customers and to make it easier for them to buy your products or services.

When you use our PLR content, you get the best content available while also saving time and money.

The result? You can focus on the parts of your business that you love. 
The Best PLR Content Available Anywhere

Not all PLR content is created equal. Anyone can write anything on the Internet. This has led to a lot of low-quality wellness content.

But your business can be different. You can stand out when you use our high-quality PLR content!

Our PLR content is:

✓ useful for readers
✓ created by PhD level well-being experts, and
✓ based on academic research

When you use our PLR content, your customers will know that quality is of utmost importance to you and that you really care about their well-being.

That is exactly what leads people to trust you, buy from you, and work with you. 

Your (Secret) Business Shortcut

More good news: You can use our PLR content for almost anything!

✓  Publish articles on your website as is.
✓  Offer online courses to earn money while you sleep.
✓  Edit content to give it your voice.
✓  Use content as scripts for YouTube videos.
✓  Repurpose content into resources or lead magnets.
✓  Mix and match content to make new programs or masterclasses. 

The High-Quality Content Packages You'll Get with Our ALL-ACCESS PASS
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✓ $497 value
A sad man and woman standing at beach side
✓ $57 value
A short hair woman laughing raising her finger
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A crazy man laughing in red t shirt
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A woman laughing putting her hand in hair
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A woman take out stress relief
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A woman hugging with her sister
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A woman developing a life skills
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A woman swimming in water
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A woman is in a happy feeling
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A black boy giving a good smile
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A man hiding his one eye
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A man kissing his wife
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Guess What? You'll Also Get These Science-Based Courses!

You can:
✓ Sell these courses on your website
✓ Turn them into workshops to sell
✓ Use these as the base for your own coaching group, webinar, or masterclass 

Growth Mind Set Course Private Label Rights
✓ $397 value
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And, You'll Get These Social Media Post Packages:
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A Few Examples of The High-Quality Articles You'll Get

✓  5 Ways to Think Positive: Use these 5 strategies to build a positive thinking habit and increase happiness. (953 words) 

✓  How To Be More Mindful: Discover how to be more open, aware, and present. (752 words) 

✓  5 Ways to Beat Loneliness: Are you digitally connected but still feeling lonely? These strategies can help. (549 words)

✓  6 Ways to “Grow” a Growth Mindset: Want to increase your chances of success? Then switch a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. (1014 words) 

✓  Can You Actually Improve Well-Being?  Discover what well-being is and why you can indeed increase your well-being. (1349 words)

✓  6 Tips for Decoding Emotions in Text Messages: Is she mad at you? Is he in love with you? Here are some ways to find out. (1038 words)  

  Tips for Setting Long-Term Goals: Get to know more about long-term goals and how to set them.​ (984 words) 

  What Does Success Mean To You? Figure out how you define success so you can more easily get there. (611 words) 

✓  How to Control Your Emotions: Feeling really amped up or upset? Try these strategies to take back power over your emotions. (906 words)

✓  How To Live Your Values: Identify your core values and learn how to live by them to build greater happiness. (1205 words) 

  What Kind of Personality Do You Have? Learn about theories of personality and discover which personality traits you have. (1047 words) 

  4 Ways to Be More Optimistic: Learn theories about optimism and how to be more optimistic. (857 words) 

✓  5 Ways To Cope With Challenges: Struggling with a difficult situation? Check out these science-based strategies. (1180 words) 

✓  4 Ways To Boost Resilience: Having a hard time coping with stress? Try these science-based ways to build resilience. (891 words)

  9 Gratitude Practices try Today:  Discover science-based ways to grow your gratitude. (693 words)

…and 100+ more wellness-focused articles!

Don't Forget These Goodies

As part of these packages, you’ll get:

  • 52 email scripts (that’s a year of weekly emails!)
  • 5 well-being-focused lead magnets including activities, worksheets, & a quiz (to help you gather customer email addresses.)
  • 6+ course slide decks to help you create workshops, masterclasses, and more!
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You Can Create a High-Impact, Profitable Wellness Business

In addition to founding the Berkeley Well-Being Institute, I have helped grow more than a dozen other wellness businesses.

And I did it by creating high-impact, science-based content. 

I’ve written content for Facebook, LinkedIn, UC Berkeley, and many other lesser-known organizations. 

I charge them $1 per word—and that’s a steal because I know wellness content, inside and out.

But I didn’t want to just help big businesses—I wanted to help you. 

And that’s why I created this super affordable, super impactful collection.

The ALL-ACCESS PASS includes over 300,000 words of content.

That would cost my former clients over $300,000! But you can now get your own ALL-ACCESS PASS to The Berkeley Well-Being Institute’s one-of-a-kind content collection for a fraction of that price.

If you want to grow your business exponentially–like the other major players in the wellness space—grab your ALL-ACCESS PASS today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with this content?
You can do just about anything you want with this content. You can publish it as is on your website, edit it, make it into a course, make it into an eBook, use it for a presentation, make a membership-only site, etc… The only thing we don’t allow is for you to resell the private label rights to this content.

What about plagiarism?
Plagiarism is when you use someone else’s content without their permission. When you purchase our PLR content, you are buying permission (also known as Private Label Rights) to the content. Businesses do this all the time (think stock photos, Mark Kay giving people permission to sell their products, or your local grocery store getting permission to sell products made by other businesses).

Plus, our content is created in-house by well-being experts. So you’ll always know that it is free from plagiarism.

Why should I buy your content instead of making my own?
Our content is based on psychological science so you can be confident it is the highest quality. It also saves you a ridiculous amount of time doing research, writing, and organizing (like… hundreds of hours!) so you can grow your business exponentially.

What does subscription include?
NEW! When you subscribe, you’ll get access to all of our PLR content forever (for as long as this website exists). That includes any new PLR content we make—it’ll automatically be added to your account. All the content you download is yours to keep forever!

Do I have to worry about duplicate content?
Google doesn’t have any issue with multiple versions of the same article existing online. In fact, it’s estimated that 25-30% of the Internet is duplicate content. Google has learned how to filter and sort this content to ensure search only finds one version. So you never need to worry about issues with Google algorithms.

Get All The Content You Need to Grow Your Business Exponentially!
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Get a $1074 value. Plus, we add new content every month! 
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