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We require boundaries to know who we are, to make decisions that will help us thrive and keep us safe, and to meet our needs.

Luckily, you can now help your community set better boundaries with this science-based course!

Teach your community the specific tactics and strategies they can use to set effective boundaries.

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Boundaries Course
Our Boundaries Course Can Help You Grow Your Business Exponentially!
About the Done-For-You "Boundaries​" Course

What is it: This course is based on scientific studies across numerous fields related to boundaries. That’s how you and your customers will know it’s credible and impactful.

What you get: Get private label rights (PLR) to the course content & bonuses (in Word, PDF, & TXT format). That means you can sell it as is, edit it, or repurpose it to suit your business needs. 

What to do: Use this course content to create your own workshop, training, webinar, online course, membership-only program, or something else.

Suggested Retail Price: You can easily sell an online course for around $50 USD. Or, charge significantly more if you add a live workshop, videos, webinars, or include other high-value services like coaching. It’s up to you! 

This 5-Module Course Includes:

✓  Module 1: Exploring the Boundaries of Our Lives

✓  Module 2: Where Your Boundaries Come From

✓  Module 3: Getting Clear on Your Boundaries

✓  Module 4: Setting Your Boundaries

✓  Module 5: Maintaining Your Boundaries 

What Topics Does The Course Cover?

  What Are Boundaries?
  Saying No
  Defining the Limits of Acceptable Behavior
  Articulating Expectations
  Why Are Boundaries Important?
  Honor Who We Are
  Protect Ourselves
  Help Us Avoid Burnout and Bitterness
  Improve Our Relationships
  Boundaries and Personal Identity
  How Boundaries Protect Us
  Types of Boundaries
  What Do Your Boundaries Look Like?
  Boundaries in Different Life Domains
  Acting as an Advisor
  Loaning Money and Possessions
  Unsolicited Advice and Feedback
  The “Needy” Friend​​ 

✓  Where Are Your Boundaries?
✓  How Healthy Are Your Boundaries?
✓  Porous Boundaries
✓  Rigid Boundaries
✓  Childhood: Learning From Experience
✓  Attachment Style
✓  Core Beliefs
✓  Identity
✓  Self-Awareness
✓  Tune into Your Feelings
✓  Reflect on Your Thoughts
✓  Gaslighting
✓  Cognitive Distortions
✓  Where Do You Think You Lack Boundaries?
  What Kind of Boundaries Do You Have?
  What Has Your Experience With Setting Boundaries Been Like?​  

✓  What’s Important to You?
✓  What Are the Meaningful Areas of Your Life?​
✓  Assessing Priorities
✓  What is Holding You Back?
✓  The Two Parts of Boundary Setting
✓  What to Avoid
✓  Being Assertive
✓  Dealing with Discomfort
✓  Cultivating Self-Acceptance 
✓  The Acclimation Period
✓  Responses to Boundaries
✓  Creating Consequences for Boundary Violations
✓  Maintaining Boundaries with Difficult People
✓  Honoring Your Own Boundaries 

That's 49 Science-Based Topics That Can Help Your Community Set Healthy Boundaries!
Boundaries Course
Here's What You'll Get
✓ 5 Easy-To-Use Modules

These 44 pages of content can be easily turned into an online course or easy-to-download course package.
Formats: WORD  |  PDF  |  TXT 

✓ 15 Exercises

Exercises make this course engaging and interactive, helping your audience build skills faster and more easily. 

✓ 47 References

Use the reference sheet with 47 scientific references to prove to your community that this course is high-impact and very credible.

Use this pre-made course to grow your income and free yourself up to focus on other things.
Boundaries Course
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  237-Page Slide Deck
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Boundaries Course
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  15 exercises
  Reference list with 47 references
 237-Page Slide Deck in PPT & PDF 

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Boundaries Course
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Boundaries Course