Get Social Media Posts to Help Your Audience Increase Their Resilience

Want science-based social media posts to attract people to your website, engage your audience, and keep your business top of mind?  

Then grab our 
Resilience Social Media PLR Package​​—it includes 50 science-based posts. References included!

This package will help inspire your community to build skills that boost resilience.  

Resilience Social Media PLR Package
These social media posts are perfect for coaches, counselors, therapists, and a variety of other wellness entrepreneurs.
Help Your Audience Learn About Resilience!

This package includes 50 science-based social media posts that teach readers about important topics such as:

Positive Thinking |  Mindfulness  |  Coping With Stress  |  & More…

Each social media post includes an editable design and a reference to the academic research study that the information came from.

​You can:

  • Publish the social media posts as they are. 
  • Edit them however you want.
  • Or repurpose them into other great visuals for your business, website, or products.

Create science-based visuals that help your business grow exponentially!

Here Are Some of the Posts You'll Get With Your Purchase
Resilience Social Media PLR Package
How Do I Make These Articles "My Own"?

✓ Publish content as is, or…
 Change the colors, fonts, shapes, or images (using the editable template in Canva).
 Add your brand & design to make it your own. 
✓ Add links or ads to your other products, services, or coaching.
✓ Or, use the content in other creative ways that grow your business.  

Science-Based Content = Satisfied Customers

Our science-based social media posts can give your business a boost!
This social media posts package includes:
 A script with all 50 posts
 Completely editable graphic designs of all 50 posts
​✓ Scientific references included for each post
​✓ Review by a Ph.D. level expert

When you use these science-based posts in your business, you help your audience develop trust in your business.  As a result, they become more open to buying your offerings.  

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Resilience Social Media PLR Package