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Personal Growth Article Package​​—it includes 10 science-based articles. References included!

This package will help readers practice self-reflection and take meaningful steps toward their personal well-being goals.

Personal Growth PLR Article Package
These articles are perfect for coaches, counselors, therapists, and a variety of other wellness entrepreneurs.
Help Your Audience With Personal Growth!

This package includes 10 science-based articles that provide helpful information for personal growth including:

Self-Reflection  |  Critical Thinking |  Motivation  |  Empowerment
These articles include a free, open-source image & references to academic research articles.

​You can:

  • Publish articles as they are. 
  • Edit them however you want.
  • Or repurpose them into other great products

Create science-based tools, programs, lead magnets, ebooks, and other resources that help your business grow exponentially!

You'll Get The Following Articles With Your Purchase

  3 Ways to Be More Adaptable: Explore the meaning of adaptability and how to cultivate it within yourself. (896 words)

  Are You Self-Reliant? Explore the research on self-reliance and how to strike the right balance in your life. (863 words)​

  How to Succeed in Life: Learn more about what success looks like and how to achieve it in your life. (1162 words)

  7 Ways to Better Understand Yourself:
Discover how self-assessment could help you. (767 words)

 How to Become a More Critical Thinker:
Learn more about what critical thinking is and how to practice it every day. ​(850 words)

  How To Track Your Habits: Learn more about why and how to track your habits. (1014 words)

  25 Journal Prompts to Help Discover YourselfDevelop a journaling practice using journal prompts for love, self-reflection, and more. (1086 words)

  How to Empower Yourself: Learn how empowerment can help you reach your goals. Discover empowering phrases and affirmations. (913 words)

 Tips to Motivate Your Mondays: 
Discover motivational quotes, ideas, and tips to help you soar through your Mondays. (1157 words)

​​✓ How to Practice More Self-Control: Learn more about self-control and how to gain mastery over yourself. (1065 words)

Personal Growth PLR Article Package
How Do I Make These Articles "My Own"?

✓ Publish content as is.
 Change the headline or sub-headline.
 Give content “your voice” by adding your personal stories and experiences.
 Add your brand & design to make it your own. 
✓ Bundle content with other products, services, or coaching to provide more value.
✓ Use content to make videos, podcasts, lead magnets, infographics, or courses.
✓ Or, use content in other creative ways that grow your business.

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Our science-based content can give your business a boost!

This article package includes:
​✓ Science-based tips and insights
​✓ Scientific references 
​✓ Review by a Ph.D.-level expert

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Personal Growth PLR Article Package