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Optimism & Positivity Article Package
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You'll Get 10 Opportunities to Fuel Happiness in Your Readers

This package includes 10 science-based articles covering topics such as:

Self-Love | Positive Mindset | Affirmations | Gratitude | Happiness

Each article includes a free image + references to academic research articles that support it.

  • Publish this content as is. 
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  • Or repurpose it.

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You'll Get The Following Articles With Your Purchase

  7 Tips For Self-Love: Want to know how to increase self-love? Try these science-based strategies. (640 words)

  6 Science-Based Self-Compassion Exercises: How do you develop more self-compassion? Try these activities. (602 words)

  4 Ways to Be More Optimistic: Learn theories about optimism and how to be more optimistic. (857 words)

  8 Thoughts to Help You Be Happy: Science-based ways to think happier thoughts. (688 words)

  8 Ways to Develop a Positive Mindset: Tips to start shifting your mindset in positive ways. (696 words)

  9 Gratitude Practices to Try Today:  Discover science-based ways to grow your gratitude. (693 words) 

  A Quick Guide to Affirmations: Find out what affirmations are and how they can shift your perspective.​ (571 words)

 Things to Be Thankful For: Not sure what to be grateful for? Here are some ideas. (498 words) 

  The Power of Positivity: Why is positivity so important? And how do you grow yours? Find out here. (707 words)

  12 Ways to Flourish: Learn how to bloom and thrive in your life. (745 words) 

Optimism & Positivity Article Package
How Do I Make These Articles "My Own"?

Feel free to modify the articles however you like. For example, you could:
 Give content “your voice” by adding your personal stories and experiences.
 Change the headline or sub-headline.
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✓ Repurpose the content into video, podcasts, lead magnets, or infographics.

Why High-Quality Content Matters

Google is working hard to make sure people only find the highest-quality content–this is especially true for wellness (or YMYL) websites. That means your content needs to be well-written and credible.

This high-quality content package includes:
​✓ Science-based tips and insights
​✓ Scientific references 
​✓ Review by a Ph.D. level expert

Our past articles have been featured on Psychology TodayThe Good Men ProjectShine Text, and numerous other popular websites.

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Optimism & Positivity Article Package