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Mindfulness PLR Article Package
These articles are perfect for coaches, counselors, therapists, and a variety of other wellness entrepreneurs.
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Help Your Audience Learn About Mindfulness!

This package includes 10 science-based articles that teach readers about mindfulness-related topics such as:

Mindlessness |  Box Breathing  |  Rushing  |  Somatic Therapy  |  & More…

These articles include a free, open-source image & references to academic research articles.

​You can:

  • Publish articles as they are. 
  • Edit them however you want.
  • Or repurpose them into other great products

Create science-based tools, programs, lead magnets, ebooks, and other resources that help your business grow exponentially!

You'll Get The Following Articles With Your Purchase

  5 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation: 
Discover the benefits of this meditation technique and learn how to practice it. (980 words)

  Meditation Techniques for Beginners: Interested in learning how to meditate? Look no further. Here are various types of meditation techniques to get you started. (1062 words)​

  8 Tips To Help You Stop Rushing: Explore the causes of rushing and find out how you can rush less. (953 words)

  3 Ways To Center Yourself: Take a look at what centering is and how it can help increase focus and relieve stress. (843 words)

  What Is Somatic Therapy? Discover somatic therapy and how it can help you and the people you love. (1098 words)

  How To Sleep Better Using Guided Meditation: Discover the benefits and develop a routine for guided meditation for sleep.. (897 words)

  10 Tips for a Peaceful Mind: Learn about the science behind cultivating a peaceful mind. (1145 words)

  How to Become a More Empathic Listener: Read on for skills and techniques to be a more empathic listener. (1097 words)

 5 Ways To Avoid Mindlessness: Learn what mindlessness is and some ways that you may be able to become less mindless and more mindful. (1064 words)

  How (And Why) To Use Box Breathing: Discover what box breathing is and its benefits. (953 words)

Mindfulness PLR Article Package
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✓ Or, use content in other creative ways that grow your business.

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Mindfulness PLR Article Package