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Confidence Article Package
These articles are perfect for bloggers, vloggers, authors, therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches, consultants, or wellness entrepreneurs of any sort.
Show your readers that you can help them boost their confidence!

This package includes 10 science-based articles including tips to overcome common self-confidence hurdles:

Imposter Syndrome | Inadequacy | Self-Consciousness | Self-Doubt

Each article includes a free image + references to academic research articles.

​You can:

  • Publish articles as is. 
  • Edit it however you want.
  • Or repurpose it into other great products

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You'll Get The Following Articles With Your Purchase

  4 Ways To Know Your Worth: How do you grow your self-esteem in ways that make you feel more confident and worthy? (614 words) 

  7 Ways To Overcome Feelings of Inadequacy​: What is inadequacy and how do you work through it? (681 words)

  Tips for Building Self-Esteem​: Learn more about self-esteem and how you can achieve higher self-esteem in your life. (870 words)

  5 Ways to Be More Confident​: Discover science-based tips to boost your confidence. (762 words)

  What Is Imposter SyndromeLearn about what imposter syndrome is and read tips on how to overcome it. (889 words)

  How to Overcome Self-Doubt​: What is self-doubt and what we can do to get rid of self-doubts? (677 words)

  How to Use Self-Affirmations​: Learn here about perspectives on self-affirmation and get examples of self-affirmations to try in your own life. (587 words)

  4 Tips To Stop Self-Loathing​: Tips on how to reframe your negative self-thoughts. (722 words)

 Tips to Overcome Self-Consciousness​: What is self-consciousness, what causes it, and how do you overcome it? (759 words)

  How to Believe in Yourself​: Learn what self-belief is, why it matters, and discover science-based tips for how to start believing in yourself. (1036 words)

Confidence Article Package
How Do I Make These Articles "My Own"?

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 Give content “your voice” by adding your personal stories and experiences.
 Add your brand & design to make it your own. 
✓ Add links to your products, newsletter, and blog posts to provide more value.
✓ Repurpose articles into videos, podcasts, lead magnets, infographics, or courses.

Science-Based Content = Trusting Customers

With all the unreliable wellness content out there, science can give you the edge. 

That’s why this article package includes:
​✓ Science-based tips and insights
​✓ Scientific references 
​✓ Review by a Ph.D. level expert

When you use this package of articles, your audience will learn to trust you and become more open to buying your products & services.

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Confidence Article Package