Sell Your Own Course On "Building Better Habits"

No matter what we want, we are more likely to achieve it if we have good habits.

But good habits are hard to build in this world of 24-7 distractions. 

Now you can help your community with your own science-based course on building better habits!

Show your community how to develop the skills to move towards their goals, one step at a time.

You won’t need to research, write, plan, or design anything to sell this course—it’s all done for you.

So get the Private Label Rights to this course on building better habits and sell it for 100% profit. 

Build Better Habits Course
Our Build Better Habits Course Can Help You Grow Your Business Exponentially!
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About the Done-For-You "Build Better Habits" Course

What is it: This course is based on scientific studies across numerous fields related to habits. That’s how you and your customers will know it’s credible and impactful.

What you get: Get private label rights (PLR) to the course content & bonuses (in Word, PDF, & TXT format). That means you can sell it as is, edit it, or repurpose it to suit your business needs. 

What to do: Use this course content to create your own workshop, training, webinar, online course, membership-only program, or something else.

Suggested Retail Price: You can easily sell an online course for around $50 USD. Or, charge significantly more if you add a live workshop, videos, webinars, or include other high-value services like coaching. It’s up to you! 

This 5-Module Course Includes:

✓  Module 1: Believe in Yourself

✓  Module 2: Find Clarity

✓  Module 3: Get Started

✓  Module 4: Stick To Your Habits

✓  Module 5: Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

What Topics Does The Course Cover?

✓  Making a Decision to Build a Habit 
✓  Taking Action
✓  Following Through
✓  Building a Growth Mindset
✓  Building Your Optimism Muscles
✓  Affirmations to Build Optimism
✓  Getting a Rein on Imposter Syndrome
✓  5 Types of Imposter Syndrome
✓  Breaking Down Your Imposter Syndrome
✓  Avoiding Self-Sabotage
✓  Using Self-Fulfilling Prophecies to Your Advantage
✓  Dreaming Big
✓  Introspection
✓  Understanding Your Values
✓  Exploring Your Purpose
✓  Identifying Your Short and Long-Term Goals
✓  Creating a Timeline for Your Goals
✓  Map Out How Your Habits Lead To Your Goals  

✓  Habit Mapping
✓  Visualizing Your Goals
✓  Defining Success to You
✓  Writing a Personal Mission Statement
✓  Setting Your Priorities
✓  Creating Your Time Management Strategy
✓  Getting Better at Planning
✓  Creating an Action Plan
✓  Getting To Know the 80/20 Rule
✓  How to Know You Are in the 20 Percent Zone
✓  Boosting Your Motivation
✓  Developing Your Self-Motivational Toolbox
✓  Using Self-Discipline
✓  Setting Boundaries
✓  Using Your Strengths
✓  Discovering What Gets You Into a Flow State
✓  Growing Your Ability to Achieve Delayed Gratification​

✓  Avoiding Mindlessness
✓  Becoming Mindful
✓  Celebrating Small Improvements
✓  Cultivating Self-Compassion
✓  Practicing Acceptance Of Failure
✓  Turning Failure Upside-Down
✓  Engaging in Self Care
✓  Building Your Self-Care Menu
✓  Using Relaxation Techniques to Rest When You Need To
✓  Using Your Strengths
✓  Learning From Your Mistakes
✓  Reflecting on Improvements
✓  Practicing Self-Compassion When You Struggle or Fail
✓  Revising Your Goals and Plans
✓  Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
✓  Finding Joy in the Little Things
✓  Avoiding a Life of Regret 

That's 52 Science-Based Topics That Can Help Your Community Build Better Habits!
Build Better Habits Course
Here's What You'll Get
✓ 5 Easy-To-Use Modules

These 46 pages of content can be easily turned into an online course or easy-to-download course package.
Formats: WORD  |  PDF  |  TXT 

✓ 18Exercises

Exercises make this course engaging and interactive, helping your audience build skills faster and more easily.

✓ 38 References

Use the reference sheet with 38 scientific references to prove to your community that this course is high-impact and very credible.

Use this pre-made course to grow your income and free yourself up to focus on other things.
Build Better Habits Course
Get The ​Course Today and Get This Helpful Bonus

23-Page Exercise Workbook
Use this pre-made exercise workbook to keep your audience engaged during in-person or virtually-led courses or workshops. It includes all the exercises from the course. 

This Done-For-You Course Will:

✓  Boost your income
✓  Help you start earning $ faster
✓  Save you hundreds of hours of work
✓  Save money on hiring experts or content writers
✓  Boost your credibility due to the scientific underpinnings and references
✓  Put you on track to grow your business exponentially

This is some of the best well-being-boosting content available anywhere online. Now you can use it in your business.

Build Better Habits Course
How Do I Make These Articles "My Own"?

✓ Publish content as is.
 Change the headline or sub-headline.
 Give content “your voice” by adding your personal stories and experiences.
 Add your brand & design to make it your own. 
✓ Bundle content with other products, services, or coaching to provide more value.
✓ Use content to make videos, podcasts, lead magnets, infographics, or courses.
✓ Or, use content in other creative ways that grow your business.

When You Grab Your "Build Better Habits" Course Package...

You’ll get immediate access to:
  46-page course (17,333 words) in the following formats: Word, PDF, & TXT
  18 exercises
  Reference list with 38 references
 23-page exercise workbook in Word, PDF, & TXT format

You just can’t get course content like this anywhere else!​
This course is quick, easy, and 100% accessible online.
All of the training is immediately downloadable online inside the private Berkeley Well-Being Institute members-only site. 

Build Better Habits Course
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Build Better Habits Course